The struggles of Social media

Social media has been a huge Part of our lives in both positive and negative ways. We have been working across the U.S and other countries to try to reduce the spread of misinformation online since it negatively affects everybody. Misinformation being spread has the power to create false narratives and mislead people to believe many different things, that’s why we are trying to raise awareness about these issues and getting these famous social media platforms such as Instagram, twitter, and Facebook to fix this problem. Productive strategies towards solving this issue includes fixing the newsfeed algorithms and tweaking of the social media platforms. With these 2 main strategies we can guarantee that misinformation won’t be as common and there will be more verification of the information that’s put out there.

As You can see various Platforms Were able to help Russia influence The public

Valuable Problem Solvers

This Problem has to be constantly monitored

Every country’s percentage is difference since it lets you know how much fake news is spotted